Monday, July 14, 2008

Thanks for support my recent artwork Printed.
New item coming soon on store name 'The Rivera'
My design 'Hairy Fun' winning of Feb 2009 on once again. Thanks a lot.
Hi! My name is Jimmy Tan (egg). I am a graphic designer/illustrator/free-lance graphic artist. Drawing is a large part of my life. I make art for the future. Unexpected things happen to those who are patient. The proverb, learning is endless irregardless of what age you are, has kept me on this designer's career path. Thank you for choosing my design.


My another tee's design printed on

Collection - Threadless, Best T-shirts Ever


This piece of my artwork is inspired by my imagination. They are 'flying foxes' with wild and daring attitude. The new-born flying fox is shy but one day he will be bold enough to dominate the world and protect them.
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